Our Products & Services

Our comprehensive range of Insurance products

At WMF Financial Services our comprehensive yet uncomplicated products within the short-term insurance realm provide our clients with a varied selection of options that can suit each individual’s specific needs.

We provide modern and thoughtful customer care for our clients, listening to their feedback and implementing suggestions to ensure the improvement of our services on an ongoing basis.

Our advanced expertise in short-term insurance allows us to provide world-class services in the following fields of insurance.



Ensuring the security of your assets through efficient risk management is essential. Allow us to assist you in building a future that is enduring and stable.



Tailormade Hospitality Comprehensive insurance that covers you and your client during their stay.


Agricultural and Crop Insurance:

WMF is the farmer's choice. Experience service with a difference. We understand the agricultural industry risk and we have a range of insurance solutions for your needs.



At WMF we offer a competitive range of Personal Short Term insurance offerings for your household insurance products including but not limited to your personal contents, building, vehicle, all risk, and watercraft items. You can rest assured that we only work with Insurers with strong, reputable reputations – to offer you only the best the market has to offer.


HCV (Heavy Commercial Vehicles) and GIT:

Heavy Commercial Vehicles are vehicles of more than 2,5 tons, used for commercial purposes such as transportation of goods and wares. We cover vehicle loads on and off the road, loss of income, and help you manage your fleet with all the insurance benefits. Additionally, our coverage extends to high-risk vehicles and environmental spills.


Engineering: Plant All Risk and Contractors All Risk:

In the field of engineering, specifically covering Plant All Risk, Contractors All Risk, and related aspects like liability and construction guarantees, our expertise spans more than three decades. When you seek advice on insurance for your construction plant, we bring our 30+ years of experience to the table.


4x4 Insurance:

A motor-alone policy for the more adventurers 4x4 adrenalin junky. We provide insurance coverage for the vehicle along with its accessories and much more.

Aviation Insurance


The top players in today's aviation market are our partners. We ensure comprehensive coverage for every risk associated with your aviation endeavours. This assurance translates to peace of mind, as your aircraft is financially protected in the event of any unforeseen incidents.


Environmental Insurance:

We are your complete environmental impairment solution. We partner with insurers who understand your needs and have the expertise to cater to your specific needs.


Wildlife Insurance:

We specialise in the following fields.
• Auctions, veld, or boma cover
• Spread of disease cover
• Capture risks
• Fire, storm, and lightning
• Veterinary procedures
• Transport risks
• Breeding facilities

Marine Insurance


We collaborate with leading insurers in Africa for marine coverage. These partners, among the largest in the industry, provide a diverse selection of Marine Risks and a range of technical and reinsurance support services. Whether you own a small private vessel or represent a multinational company, we have tailored products to meet your distinct requirements.


Niche Products:

With our creative team and business partners, there is always a need for unforeseen cover like hole-in-one and event insurance. We have partners that will cover your needs and equipment on a once-off basis. Speak to one of our brokers. We are there for you.