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Where expertise meets empathy to safeguard your peace of mind. Our  team is committed to providing you with personalised insurance solutions that align with your unique needs. We have over 50 personnel across South Africa that are ready to take your call and assist you at any time.

Anton Williams

Founder & Co-Director of WMF & VEA Risk Consultants 

 “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” –Albert Einstein

Anton has more than 15 years of experience within the short-term insurance industry, obtaining it while working both within an insurance company and as a broker. This enabled him to obtain an in-depth understanding of the short-term insurance industry while leading the company with a clear vision.

Anton’s field of expertise specialises in Commercial, Personal, Agricultural, and all niche short-term insurance products. He is motivated to put a client in the same position after a loss or accident as the client was before the insured event happened. He believes that that each client deserves a product that is tailor-made according to their specific needs and to explain the concept of insured and uninsured risks in an understandable language.

Anton has completed his REP, KI Examinations and ACII, which are amongst the highest qualifications in the insurance industry. He is dedicated to constantly learning as much as possible about the industry, whilst seeing himself as a self-driven, motivated individual who is passionate about his work. He believes that knowledge is the key to success.

Director of: WMF and WMF group of Companies

Email: anton@wmf.co.za / Tel: 082 804 8110

Werner Maree

Founder & Co-Director of WMF & VEA Risk Consultants (Bethlehem)

 “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” –Nelson Mandela

Werner’s move to the exciting and fast-paced insurance industry saw him co-founder of the company alongside Anton. Many years of dedicated experience in the asset finance and marketing industry, gave the company a more rounded approach and skillset.

Being the entrepreneur of the company, Werner is always ready for a new challenge. His motto in life, nothing is impossible, provides him with the eagerness to succeed and to drive the winning strategy of the company. His skillset, alongside the skills of co-founder, Anton Williams, enabled the company to become a very strong competitor in the short-term insurance brokerage industry. Although the company is already successful in many sectors of the industry, according to Werner & Anton, this is only the beginning.

Werner has completed his REP and KI examinations. He is well qualified to lead the company in the right direction, while his ambition and drive keeps the business moving forward.

Director of: WMF and WMF group of Companies

Email: werner@wmf.co.za / Tel: 082 330 6603

Eloise Maree

Co-Director: Office Administration, Claims Manager & Marketing (Bethlehem)

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people” – Unknown

Eloise is an incredibly valuable member of our team, having assisted with getting WMF off to a running start at the outset. Her efforts have been remarkable, building the business into a successful entity that continues to grow and thrive. It is in her nature to be a perfectionist, with a special passion for providing WMF’s clients with world-class service.

Her product knowledge, alongside her time-management skills enables her to perform well under pressure and assuring that the clients’ interests are always placed first. Eloise’s administration capabilities contribute to the winning formula of the excellent office performance.

Eloise is fully qualified in short-term insurance by completing RE, KI Examinations and all other applicable short-term insurance courses.

Email: eloise@wmf.co.za / Tel: 058 303 4567