WMF Financial Advisors was established in 2008 in Centurion as a company dedicated to addressing the lack of personal service within the short-term insurance industry. Our hard work and unique approach gained us to obtain loyal clients who understood that our focus was not on the financial bottom line, but rather on the provision of services that we would proudly be associated with. Many calculated investment risks went into ensuring our success, as long as the main focus remains on taking good care of our clients. Our operations have expanded over the last 10 years, today WMF Financial Advisors has representation in Pretoria, Bethlehem, Warden, Lindley, Port Elizabet, Pietersburg, Nelspruit, Bloemfontein and Vanderbijlpark.


As we continuously work towards our vision of becoming the leading Financial Service Provider in Southern Africa, our business history and a reputation for excellent service to satisfied clients has contributed to our sustained growth in an industry that has become intensively competitive, but lacks in terms of personal service. For this reason we continue to stand out amongst short-term insurance advisors, due to our level of service and dedication to each and every client. This contributes to the reason for our confidence in the future and our consistent mission to serve clients with a unique passion and focus.



WMF Financial Advisors is a trusted short-term insurance specialist with a consistent dedication of providing clients with the best advice, insurance cover and claims services. This is achieved through a dedicated team of dynamic staff who work hard to recognise the individual needs and concerns of each and every client by using a personal approach to ensure that clients receive and appreciate our tailored service.


With more than 100 years of combined experience within the short-term insurance industry, WMF Financial Advisors benefits from an incredibly experienced group of managers and staff. We have nurtured a national client base of people who trust us with their insurance needs and can be assured of our personal service. Our operations are based in various locations throughout South Africa, including our head offices in Bethlehem and Pretoria.


WMF Financial Advisors’ services are associated with quality and respect, delivered with an approach that cannot be mass produced. This enables us to really placing the interest of the individual at heart and not only using it as a manipulating slogan on a billboard, where the client is often just considered a faceless number. As this is not the case with us, we aim to provide excellent service that is cost efficient for world-class cover and benefits which ensure that each client feels valued and well taken care of.


We are particularly mindful of the needs of consumers in South Africa and take into consideration that consumer confidence at an all-time low in the country. We are dedicated to being a company that supports the client by providing a range of convenient and affordable short-term insurance products which are easy to understand.


Our expertise and resources have allowed us to develop additional divisions within our business, including VEA Risk Insurance and the Transport Insurance Specialist (TIS). These divisions are dedicated to protecting our clients’ cash flows through value added benefits.


We aspire to be the best and provide service that we are consistently proud of.


WMF Financial Advisors


WMF’s vision is to become the market leader in the Southern Africa short-term insurance advisory industry, where consumers obtain their assurance.


WMF Financial Advisors is a trusted and respected financial services institution with a reputation for excellent service delivered within applicable regulations through a culture of compliance and ethical operation of the business.


WMF is a licensed Financial Services Provider.

License number: FSB36502


WMF complies with the Financial Soundness Requirements as stipulated in the Financial and Intermediary Service Act.


We are a respected member of the Financial Intermediary Association of South Africa (FIA).


We provide all clients with wide rage short-term insurance products that are tailored to meet their specific insurance and financial needs. Whilst working hard to ensure that the clients are fully satisfied with the short-term insurance products that we provide, we ensure a personal service to each client.


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