Our passion to grow, meet and understand our clients’ ever increasing needs naturally led us to cater for this exciting, yet complex industry which we saw as a great opportunity to specialise in. This product is thoroughly capable of meeting the challenges faced by our clients when cover is required for Heavy Commercial Vehicles, Trailers & Goods in Transit. In addition to the aforementioned, TIS offers ways to protect your cash flow through value added benefits that provides protection for businesses and indivduals.

The following value added benefits are part of this product:

  - Excess Buy Back options:
       - On own damage,
       - Theft & Hijack,
       - Third party, and
       - Goods in transit
   - Loss of Use: Providing cover in case of an accident or total loss.
   - Deposit Premiums and Fleet Declaration Basis Insurance.
   - Pollution and Environmental Clean Up Costs.


WMF’s vision is to become the market leader in the Southern Africa short-term insurance advisory industry, where consumers obtain their assurance.


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